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Lifestyle by Design

Doug Foster

Lifestyle by Design is a financial advisory practice grounded upon the philosophy of “living life intentionally”. The word intentional means “by choice.”

We believe that our clients can enhance the quality of their lives, by making better and more informed decisions in both financial and non-financial areas that matter to them. We’ve transformed this philosophy into a process that we refer to as “The Lifestyle by Design (LBD) Process”.

The LBD process was built upon the knowledge and experience of our team of senior advisors, each with least 15 years of experience in their area of specialty, in consulting and planning work that we’ve done for individuals, families, executives and private and public businesses.

The LBD process is a systematic and practical method that utilizes both psychometric and proprietary financial modeling tools designed to provide the information your members need to make better choices in key financial planning areas such as Investment Management, Risk Management, Estate Planning, and Charitable Gifting.

Lifestyle by Design is an independent Regina based firm established in 1994. Our objective is to help people live their lives more intentionally be making better informed financial decisions. Our resource teams focus on assisting clients optimize their financial, retirement and succession planning from a personal and business prospective. Clients benefit from our proprietary processes and analytical tools that are time efficient and minimize uncertainty when making decisions.

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Key Objective

Help clients clearly define what they want in their lives and empower them with a process to attain it.

Focus of Living Life Intentionally

Bring greater clarity to your hopes and dreams so you can write your own definition of success. Improve the balance between living in the present and planning for the future. Live a more focused and purposeful life by making better informed decisions about the things that matter most. Raise awareness of both financial and non-financial strategies that can empower you to live life more intentionally.

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