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No one knows better than you, that comprehensive financial planning is a complex and time consuming process that requires expertise across several disciplines. Collecting and analyzing data, interviewing, reviewing options and alternatives, exploring tax mitigation strategies, all require a significant investment of your talents and time.

Although you may have expertise in one financial area, its hard to be an expert in them all.

In complex cases, your recommendations will integrate with other elements of your client’s financial life. Indeed, more sophisticated strategies require detailed consultations with your client’s accounting professional and other advisors. And as you know, other advisors sometimes consider your objectivity as potentially compromised because of compensation structures or product bias, leading to conflicting advisory streams, confusion and often delays implementing important solutions for your valuable client.

In the best interests of your client...

Our relationship to clients engaged in the modeling process is fiduciary, we do not accept referral fees or commissions from product suppliers or advisors, therefore, outsourcing your client’s planning requirements removes perceptions of bias, and provides solid, 3rd party advice in the best interests of your client. We complement your service offering, not compete with it.

Our proprietary modeling process excels at exploring concepts provided by financial product manufacturers and can independently test and demonstrate the effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) of complex and integrated financial strategies. By working closely with you, your client and their accounting. professional, we consolidate the advisory stream, resulting in more consistent messaging. This results in a better informed, more confident client better equipped to make important decisions in a timely manner.

Concentrating your effectiveness...

and time means focusing energy on areas where you can be most productive. Working with a 3rd party planning provider with no financial stake in a proposed financial strategy means you can focus upon product research and the communication
needs of your client, but most important of all… it clearly demonstrates your commitment to objective advice.

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Benefits for advisors and their clients

  • Personal financial modeling by Crystalplan provides all of the stakeholders a single source auditable testing platform to evaluate and compare a variety of planning strategies.
  • Explore and communicate complex financial concepts to your most valued clients.
  • Optimizes professional synergies that can exist between accounting and planning fields.
  • Comprehensive planning uncovers opportunities for solutions overlooked by modular planning.
  • Independent testing of planning concepts free of built in product biases that accompany strategies designed by financial product manufacturers.
  • Ability to back test financial strategies through a variety of historical periods and cycles of inflation and market volatility.

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