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For Business Owners

for business owners

Business owners are different from the rest of Canadians, if for no other reason than they have an absolutely clear understanding that the greatest single expense they pay each year, is taxes. Reducing taxes is not only morally and ethically right, it is also smart. So, they rely upon their accounting professional to ensure that they have the right business structure, pay less tax legally, and still sleep at night.

But the financial world for business people is an especially complex one, and the best business people and their accountants know that forward planning requires advice that is sometimes outside of the accounting profession’s traditional domain and compliance regimes. Whether its developing a tax efficient Exit Strategy, Individual Pension Plans, Retirement Compensation Plans, Health and Welfare Trusts, Insurance and Investment Holding Companies, Family Trusts, and funded Buy Sell Agreements, all require planning that integrates both corporate and personal financial advice.

When a proper business structure is integrated together with planning elements from your personal life, significant and permanent tax savings opportunities become available. Greater tax savings convert to higher after tax income and a more sustainable, predictable and comfortable standard of living for you and your family.

Doing it right !

Our process begins with an interview. At your discretion, invite your accounting professional to also attend. You will see a sample of what we produce, and receive a detailed outline of our process and fees. Our advice is provided on a fee-for-service basis, therefore; objective competent and realistic. If you decide this process is the right approach, we will ask that you sign a letter of engagement, collect hard data, and will consult as needed with your existing advisors for their views and strategies.

We use sophisticated and proprietary technology to test, compare and combine their best alternatives with our ideas and experience, then present you with the results, and a clear game plan. Saving you time and money while uncovering opportunities. You are just a click away from potential tax savings, increasing your standard of living, and more peace of mind. Call or click to arrange a complimentary concept meeting.

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Benefits for Business Owners

  • Gain a firm understanding of how personal and business tax strategies can work well together
  • Optimize the tax efficiencies available within your corporate and personal assets.
  • Safely explore liquidation opportunities and financial alternatives before implementing change.
  • Explore options and alternatives that can add significant future value, peace of mind and certainty.
  • Consolidate financial information so that you can make timely and well informed decisions.
  • Integrate Executive Compensation strategies.
  • Evaluate personal investment, life insurance, estate planning and retirement planning strategies.
  • Preserve a life time of work.
  • Plan and compare a variety of exit strategies before implementing change.
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