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Optimizing your productivity and your team’s productivity often means sacrificing time for personal interests such as financial planning. Constant demands on your time may cause personal financial affairs to suffer from unintentional neglect, yet the more success you achieve, the more complex your financial life seems to become.

Researching and exercising sophisticated executive compensation strategies, investment and insurance plans, and optimizing how they integrate with your other personal financial assets, can mean the difference between a future of financial certainty and one of financial instability. So you engage financial professionals to help you make smart decisions, however organizing and decoding their sometimes conflicting advisory streams can demand excessive amounts of time and energy.

You hold your personal performance to a higher standard, and expect the same attribute in your financial professionals, but may have been challenged by an advisor’s lack of objectivity. Now you can experience the value that competent, comprehensive, bias-free and integrated personal financial modeling can provide you and your family.

Our process is time effective, thorough and objective. It begins with a brief concept interview providing you the opportunity to assess our competence and experience and scrutinize samples of our deliverables. If you are satisfied, we provide you with an engagement letter which includes complete disclosure of our process and costs, and a list of documents we will require (tax returns etc.) to begin the process.

We analyze your financial data, and as needed, communicate with your accounting professional, your legal, investment and insurance advisors for technical details. We compile, analyze and combine their best recommendations along with ours, into comparative financial models that provides you with information on how to best move forward. Upon your approval, we construct an implementation schedule that ensures the most important elements in your financial life are aligned with your objectives.

We can design strategies to help you catch-up if necessary, mitigate tax, fine-tune your insurance planning and estate planning. In addition, we can help you prepare for the many important decisions that you’ll make as you approach retirement – some of them irreversible.

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Benefits for professionals...

  • Time effective.
  • Maximize retirement benefit options.
  • Safely explore financial alternatives before implementing change.
  • Achieve a greater understanding of your financial life, and its direction.
  • Explore options and alternatives that can add significant future value, peace of mind and certainty.
  • Consolidates financial information so that you can make timely and well-informed decisions.
  • Integrate Executive Compensation strategies, with personal investment, life insurance, estate planning and retirement planning.

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