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Farming & Ranching...

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has always entailed uncertainty, the elements, and a lifetime commitment, but today ever more complex technologies and an ever more complicated tax environment mean even greater risks, and opportunities.

Having the right business structure is critical to your success, and your accounting professional is a key advisor. But ensuring a lifetime of work is preserved for future generations, and/or formulating an efficient exit strategy to provide a comfortable retirement, will mean bringing other financial specialists to help.

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If you are within 10 years of retirement ...

we can help take the confusion out of how to best prepare for this lifetime event. Our technology will help you calculate exactly how much you will need to retire to ensure a comfortable and meaningful retirement. A clear understanding of the “magic number” will equip you with real power to make life-changing decisions. See a sample of what we have done for other producers, and at your discretion please invite your accountant and join us in a concept meeting.

Advice-only financial guidance & proprietary technology...

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Our financial modeling process is different than any financial planning process you may have experienced in the past. Since we are an advice only service, the guidance you will receive from us will be objective, specific and unbiased, no sales talk or vague generalizations. We work with you and your accountant and extract and coordinate the best from all of your advisors to come up with an action plan custom made for you and your family.
Our state of the art technology has helped other producers like you save thousands of dollars in taxes and sleep better at night. We will help you get a better picture of what the future could look like, and how your “after-tax” farm assets, along with your savings and future entitlements such as Canada Pension and Old Age Security can combine into a predictable and secure retirement income.

How much will you need to provide an estate equalization plan? Or a farm succession plan? Or to ensure you have what you need for a comfortable retirement? After a lifetime of risk and volatile markets, don’t you need real answers and a plan that brings you certainty and security? You are just a click away from finding out more, join us in a complimentary concept meeting!

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Benefits for Farmers & Ranchers...

  • Time effective.
  • Save tax.
  • Maximize retirement benefit options.
  • Safely explore financial alternatives before implementing change.
  • Achieve a greater understanding of your financial life, and its direction.
  • Explore options and alternatives that can add significant future value, peace of mind and certainty.
  • Consolidates financial information so that you can make timely and well-informed decisions.
  • Compare different exit strategies.

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