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What is a Concept Interview?

A Concept Interview, is your opportunity to meet us in person, and assess whether you are comfortable with our offering. It also provides us with an opportunity to assess whether our offering might be a reasonable fit to meet your requirements. If not, we may suggest alternative processes that may better suit your needs.

How much time should we set aside?

60 to 90 minutes will be required.

Will we receive a cost estimate?

We will provide you with a cost estimate range, with a proviso that an adjustment to the estimate could be made once we have actually reviewed the physical data.

Is there a cost or fee associated with a concept meeting?


Who should attend?

We recommend that (when applicable) both spouses/partners attend the concept interview. We also welcome your accounting professional and/or other advisor to attend at your discretion.

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Do we need to bring any specific information such as tax returns for this meeting?

No, a concept interview is a general discussion of your objectives, challenges and opportunities and potential complexities in your situation. If you decide to undertake the process, we will provide you with a kit that facilitates data organization and collection.

Can we see samples of completed financial models?

Yes, we encourage you (and your accountant) to carefully scrutinize samples of our finished product and acquire a clear understanding of our process to determine if our offering might be of value to you.

How much does Financial Modeling cost?

Our fee for service rate is currently at $175 per hour, on average modeling will entail 20 to 30 hours of interviews, analysis and preparation ..($3,500 to $5,250). However more complex cases may require more time, and we will advise accordingly.

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