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In a world of change...

In a world of change, uncertainty and opportunity, where do you find objective and comprehensive financial expertise? Do you do your own research? Do your rely upon your accounting professional? Do you call your Investment advisor? Your Legal advisor? Your Insurance advisor?

These professionals all have something to offer, and each will see your financial situation from perspectives consistent with their experience and training. The recommendations they offer can be creative, conservative, strategic, enlightened or perhaps even biased, but rarely is it integrated.

As a result, financial advice from several sources often conflicts, is confusing, or could miss important opportunities. You have to decode technical information and integrate recommendations from a variety of sources to make the right decision. Decisions that have lifetime implications, and sometimes, irreversible decisions that could mean the difference between a comfortable future, peace of mind, clarity and certainty—or something else.

We are different...

We don’t like to use the term financial planning or financial planner. We prefer the term “Personal Financial Modeling”. Why? In Canada, financial planning is often used as a strategy with which to generate the sale of financial products like stock portfolios, mutual funds or life insurance products. “Financial planner” often refers to an insurance agent, mutual fund salesperson or a myriad of other financial occupations compensated by bonus systems, awards or commissions earned from the sale of financial products. Each of these practitioners may offer advice specific to their areas of interest, but there is little if any, comprehensive or unbiased planning or expertise.

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Advice-only financial guidance & proprietary technology...

Lifestyle by Design offers a better alternative by combining a multi-disciplinary planning firm with salaried planning staff, objective, bias-free advice, and proprietary Financial Modeling technology. Our planning process is free of influence from referral fees, awards or commissions generated by the sale of financial products. Whether you are a professional, an executive, a business owner, accountant or financial advisor, LBD can provide you, your executive team or your clients with comprehensive, integrated, detailed and accurate personal financial modeling. Financial Modeling that generates reporting that is clear, coherent and meaningful to non-technical individuals, yet auditable and specific to withstand your accounting professional’s scrutiny. We can help with some of life’s important decisions such as retirement, the sale of your business, asset acquirement or diversification, risk management, and effective compensation strategies. Find out more

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